Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba Inuzuka is characterized by his almost symbiotic relationship with his dog Akamaru, as the two are always seen together. Kiba is extremely devoted to Akamaru, and he is more than willing to risk his own life if it means saving Akamaru's. Kiba has acquired a few dog-like qualities from the time he has spent with Akamaru, such as being able to understand Akamaru's barking and disliking any food that he can't chew on. He is also very loyal, and despite often being overconfident, he cares deeply for his teammates' well-beings. This is most evident in his attempts to remove his teammates from harm's way as well as his constant attempts to avoid hampering his teammates' progress.Akamaru also acts as a valuable ally in battle, joining Kiba in attacking opponents and using his heightened senses to help Kiba find things. Because Akamaru is naturally better equipped for combat, Kiba typically starts a battle by using Four Legs Technique to make himself more animalistic. Predominately, this jutsu increases his speed and strength, lengthens his nails to claw-like quality, and, as the name suggests, causes him to travel using his arms and legs. Kiba also can gather chakra to his nose to exponentially increase his sense of smell, allowing him to pick up on the faintest of scents. In Part II he becomes so proficient with this sense of smell that he can track things down that actual dogs cannot. Once Kiba and Akamaru are on an even footing the two combine efforts to perform spinning physical attacks that inflict multiple wounds to opponents. They often join together in transformation as well, such as using Man Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf to become a single, large, two-headed wolf that can attack others with blinding force and speed. Because Akamaru lacks his own chakra reserves, Kiba must provide the chakra necessary for these transformations